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MythDivision Collab

January 21, 2022

We're partnering with MythDivision! They're building a super dope city called 'Orangurock' in a 3x3 Sandbox plot really close to BAYC. Within that city, BGA will be a part of the character development and story.

MythDivision will select 5 total GΞN1 / GΞN2 BGA that will be included as part of their launch. If selected, you'll get keys to an apartment in the city where you can make the space your own and 3D Sandbox avatars that can be used in 'Orangurock' and in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Additionally, BGA will select 3 runner-ups that will receive free custom AR filters of their BGA.

To enter, create a backstory for your BGA and post it in bga-lore by Jan 24th. We'll get together with the MythDivision team to select the winners.

Here's more info about 'Orangurock' and where it's located in Sandbox:

B O R E D. G A N G.