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AMA Recap

January 10, 2022


What's the difference between GΞN1 and GΞN2?

GΞN1 is a collection created by @nonfungiblehuman made from owned & licensed BAYC, Mutant Apes, & Gutter Gang species.

GΞN2 is an expansion of the original collection that includes more traits and assets owned by @nonfungiblehuman, @King BlackBored and @VRavishanker12.

Both will rewarded for being a part of this tight knit community. GΞN1 holders got to participate in a fantasy style draft, where they were able to select from the first 50 BGA of the GΞN2 collection. It was a 48hr event that was amazing to be a part of.

GΞN1 holders will also receive a FREE care package with some really dope clothing we're currently working on. GΞN2 holders will have access to clothing as well (more details below).

Holders from both collections will be rewarded with anything we do moving forward. We’ll find ways to reward them differently where it makes sense. But this is one big community.

How do I get in on GΞN2?

There's one more week to complete the GΞN2 collection! There is a cap of 200 for this GΞN2 collection. 29 total BGA left (including the 5 unclaimed), 75 WL entries still remain to run through from our closed WL.

The only way any remaining BGA hit public sale is if we run through the entire WL and if there are still unclaimed BGA (not likely).

Secondary on OpenSea, WETH offers or sell-and-trade are the best ways of getting in.

Is there going to be a GΞN 3?

At this point we have not discussed another collection beyond GΞN2. We're focused on delivering value to an exclusive tight community that bought into the first 250 BGA. Our goal is to carve out a niche space between BAYC and GCG and deliver unique value and utility for those involved.

What we can say is that the first 250 will likely be the only handmade BGA that we put out. So the value/demand of these pieces will remain intact.


As soon as we wrap up GΞN2 next week, we're going into full-on production mode of the BGA fashion label. This will not be ordinary merch. In fact, we don't even want to call it merch because we're going to bring the highest quality clothing possible to our community.

We're currently working with a shop where we're paying attention to every detail. It's important we bring in quality materials, new cuts, and simple design aesthetics to our clothing. We're even designing down to the box it will packaged in and the paper it's wrapped in. Hoodies, hats, and tees will be a part of it for sure, but there may be some unexpected items to expand on the idea of NFT related clothing.

GΞN1 will receive a care package for FREE. GΞN2 will have the opportunity to purchase items once we complete the next round of styles and a storefront. Stay tuned!

MythDivision Collab

We're partnering with MythDivision! They're building a super dope city called 'Orangurock' in a 3x3 Sandbox plot really close to BAYC. Within that city BGA will be a part of the character development and story.

MythDivision will select a handful of GΞN1 and GΞN2 BGA to start and will be included as part of their launch. If selected, you'll get keys to an apartment in the city where you can make the space your own to hang or even make it a storefront to showcase and sell your NFTs.

Additionally, MythDivision will provide rigged 3D avatars of the chosen BGAs that can be used in 'Orangurock' and in the Sandbox Metaverse.

To enter, create a backstory for your BGA and post it in bga-lore by Jan 24th. We'll get together with the MythDivision team to select the winners.